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It's pretty simple.  Our producers can create for you a 45 second professionally recorded commercial that will run on 52 live shows of our weekly national radio show Franchise Interviews.  In addition, your commercial will be heard at the beginning of over 300 recorded shows.  Over 85% of our audience listens to the recorded version of Franchise Interviews. 

Reach Tens of Thousands of Aspiring Entrepreneurs By Partnering with Franchise Interviews

Six years ago, Franchise Interviews launched one of the first national/international radio shows dedicated to educating and motivating aspiring entrepreneurs on franchising.

Marty McDermott stated, “Our partnership with has given us the opportunity to reach a significantly larger market of aspiring entrepreneurs domestically and internationally through the power of Internet Radio. The show has been a tremendous success. Listeners, guests and subscribers have found our weekly radio program and franchise newsletter extremely informative and personal."

Franchise Interviews uses a combination of public relations and marketing via Internet Radio, Banners, Radio Commercials, Links, Search Engine Optimization, Franchise Websites, Press Releases and our popular franchise newsletter to reach a highly targeted audience of prospective franchisees. This year, January (2013), Franchise Interviews hit a record high of 18,741 listeners in just one month!

Franchise Interviews on is hosted by Marty McDermott and Don Johnson. Marty and Don have been involved with franchising for many years and are extremely passionate about entrepreneurship and franchising. Listeners to the show walk away educated, motivated and inspired.

Blog Talk Radio was created in August 2006 and features a variety of topics on business, sales, politics, leadership, education, travel and more. has featured some of the biggest name guests in the world. is the largest Internet radio talk station that currently has an audience of over 650,000 unique visitors each month and over 3.5 million page views on a monthly basis. Internet access is worldwide and reaches an extensive audience. Listeners to access shows and click on the topic they are most interested to hear.

Since all radio shows are recorded and placed in archives, listeners have the ability to hear the show any time they like. Shows can be heard on the listener’s time and not based on the schedule of the broadcaster, which is the old model of radio. Franchise Interviews is a one-hour per week radio show that educates aspiring entrepreneurs on a variety of franchise topics and interviews.

Franchise Interviews can be heard live on and on Thursdays from 10AM to 11AM EST or in our audio archives 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Sponsors Reach a Highly Targeted Audience

Picture a room with several thousand aspiring entrepreneurs interested in buying a franchise. Almost ten out of ten of our listeners to our national/international radio show Franchise Interviews are interested in franchising. Sponsors on Franchise Interviews have the fantastic opportunity to reach this audience. On a traditional AM/FM radio show, 1 out of 10 listeners may only be interested in your opportunity or service.Some of the features and benefits of sponsoring a show are as follows:·

Long Life Commercials and Repetition
– Live commercials become part of each show and are there forever. Interviews are run live and then permanently placed in the archives, which means they can be heard over and over. Shows can also be podcasted giving listeners the opportunity to hear the show as many times as they like.·

Reach a Very Large Market of Entrepreneurs – Because our talk show is delivered via Internet, we are not limited to any geographical region. ·

Brand and Link – Sponsorship buttons will be placed on and giving listeners an opportunity to link immediately to the sponsor’s web page as they listen to the show. Sponsorship buttons are also a great form of branding for our sponsors and receives thousands of page views on a monthly basis.·

Exclusivity/More Visibility – Unlike franchise magazines, franchise websites or trade shows that feature hundreds of opportunities, Franchise Interviews will only work with one franchise in a particular category. ·

24/7 – Because all live shows are recorded, listeners can hear the show on their time as well as podcast the show.·

Multiple Forms of Exposure – Not only do our sponsors receive promotions on our radio show, they are also featured in our opt-in email newsletter, franchise websites and press releases via and

Click  the play button below to hear a sample commercial.

What does the sponsorship package include?
Now you can be part of almost every single radio show through our full sponsorship package. This is one of the most comprehensive promotional programs available to franchisors by using a combination of public relations and advertising. Unlike many other media, Franchise Interviews will only work with one franchise per category. This high exposure package is a six-month program which includes the following:

•  Fifty-two Live Commercial Spots – Receive a forty-five second professionally recorded commercial on 52 live shows. All shows are recorded and permanently archived on, and giving commercials a very long life span. Scroll up to hear a sample commercial.

Archived Commercial Spots - Have your professionally recorded commercial inserted at the beginning of Franchise Interviews archived shows. Have your pre-recorded commercial run on over 160-recorded archived shows on Franchise Interviews! Scroll up to hear a sample commercial.

Rotating Graphic Banner - A (728w by 90h) rotating banner located on the show home page for branding your franchise as well as driving targeted traffic to your website.
Click here to see samples.

Professional Commercial Creation - Blog Talk Radio can create and produce a commercial for an advertiser/client, using professional voice talent and music from an industry music library. The client provides commercial copy and/or information to Franchise Interviews to build the wording and style of the commercial, as desired. There is a one time set up fee of $59 to professionally record your commercial. Scroll up to hear a sample commercial.

Live and Professionally Written Press Release - Have any news going on with your business? Have your story read live on segment one of our franchise radio shows. Simply email or fax us your story. In addition, we will also submit your news as a professionally written press release distributed through our high visibility package on is a Press Release Distribution Service where each business also has a full company profile to promote everything about its business. Submit news and press releases via our global online news and press release distribution service with powerful distribution points such as AskJeeves News, Excite News,, and MSN News. Press releases are also submitted to, Area Developer and our Bi-Weekly newsletter.

Great Quotes in Franchising – Great quotes in franchising is a weekly podcast that features highlights and great quotes from our weekly radio show. Sponsors receive a live commercial and sponsorship button on a
Great Quotes in Franchising Podcast.

Packages can also be customized.

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