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Franchise Interviews, LLC Disclaimer

Disclaimer Franchise Interviews may refuse to print any advertising material of its customer that violates any rule, law, regulation, or any of the Company's policies. Company reserves the right to reject, alter, or refuse any advertising material in its sole discretion or disapprove any advertising material in accordance with any rules the Company may now have, or may adopt in the future concerning the acceptance of advertising material. The advertising material is created, provided, and produced by a third party and not the Company. The Company is not responsible or liable for the contents or accuracy of the advertising material.


Franchise Interviews owns the copyright to all our podcasts. A copyright is described as creating something unique. U.S. copyright law protects both published and unpublished works, so our work is technically copyrighted from the second we make it "fixed in a tangible medium." In podcasting's case, this means as soon as we have written a script or recorded an episode. However, the mission of Franchise Interviews is to educate aspiring entrepreneurs looking to buy a franchise. Therefore, we encourage guests, listeners, and educators to share our podcasts via email, social media, and websites. Our preference of sharing our podcasts is through a direct link. However, users may also embed an episode as they see fit or use our RSS feed link. Previous guests might also be quoted in blogs, books, or other scholarly sources.



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