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Franchise Interviews Meets the Fitness Together Franchise

Fitness Together
Franchise Interviews meets with the Fitness Together franchise opportunity






We are meeting with Jeff Jervik, CEO of Fitness Together- From doughnuts to pizza to personal training and massages Jeff Jervik, President and CEO of Fitness Together Franchise Holdings, Inc. is a franchise industry expert, which eventually brought him to his current position, which he's held since 2008.


Jervik's career began as an hourly employee selling pizza at Pizza Hut. He worked his way up within the PepsiCo company, spending 14 years there, and ending with his title of national vice president of operations of Pizza Hut. He was responsible for the operations of over 1,000 Pizza Hut restaurants with sales of approximately $800 million and over 25,000 employees.  Jervik came to the realization that despite the temporary satisfaction a pizza or doughnut might bring for someone, he wasn't changing anyone's life. He wanted to help people, which brought him the wellness industry with Fitness Together and Elements. Helping people lose weight or relieve pain would actually better people's lives, he concluded. With over two decades in the franchise industry, Jervik is a polished expert in the field, despite making a complete industry change from pizza to wellness.


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