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Franchise Interviews Meets with Executive Health Care

Executive Care Franchise
Franchise Interviews meets with the Executive Care franchise opportunity

Fate can strike entrepreneurs in the strangest of ways. Just ask Lenny Verkhoglaz and Mila Feldman, a married couple whose unexpected Valentine's Day experience nearly a decade ago has given way to a successful business venture now expanding nationwide.

"Cupid's arrow really struck us in an unforeseen way that Valentine's Day," remembers Feldman. "One of our elderly neighbors was alone in her home after her daughter went on vacation - she needed a helping hand. My husband Lenny and I offered to stay with her and spent Valentine's in her home helping her out, sleeping on a floor mattress in case she needed help in the middle of the night. That experience transformed us."

It also touched Mila's brother, Alex Feldman, who co-owns Executive Care along with the couple. He entered the picture on Valentine's Day 2003 to take care of his young nieces while Lenny and Mila cared for their homebound elderly neighbor. After that fateful evening, the three adults collectively felt a strong desire to figure out how to provide the kind of high-quality personal and medical services far too many elderly men and women go without. They started Executive Care one year later as a way to provide a full range of in-home care services to individuals and their families.

Executive Care offers services that help families often overwhelmed with the responsibility of providing care to a loved one - all while ensuring the patient remains in the comfort of his or her own home.

We are meeting with Mila Feldman and Lenny Verkhoglaz.

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