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Dental Fix Rx Meets with Franchise Interviews

Dental Fix Rx
Franchise Interviews meets with the Dental Rx franchise opportunity


This is the first time we had this industry and service on our show.  We are meeting with Scott Mortier-Business Development for Dental Fix Rx franchise opportunity- Dental Fix Rx is a fast-growing mobile dental equipment repair service franchise and has landed on Franchise Times magazine's 2015 Top 200+ list of top revenue producing U.S.-based franchises. Business Development at Dental Fix Rx.  Some of the questions we ask on the show are the following:

• What's your role and when did you join Dental Fix Rx?

• Tell us about Dental Fix Rx and what services you provide.

• How big is the dental equipment repair industry? Is it growing?

• How do dental offices benefit from working with Dental Fix Rx?

• Are there any competitors?


• How big is the company today? How many franchisees/units do you have in the system?

• How many states are you in? Where are you looking to expand Dental Fix Rx? In what regions of the United States are you seeing the greatest opportunities for growth?

• How many units do you plan to open by the end of the year/in the next three years?


• Who are your ideal franchisees?

• Tell us about some of your All-Star franchisees. What are their backgrounds?

• What does the Dental Fix Rx training program entail?

• I read that the corporate office handles a lot of the back office support for the franchisees, so they can focus on servicing customers. Sounds like you have a great system in place - can you tell us about this?

• What's the typical investment range for launching a Dental Fix Rx franchise?

• I read that you offer a franchise guarantee - that's unique. Can you tell us about this promise?